Dec 5, 2015

The Blogless Blog - or getting ready, again

A lesson I have to learn about blogging is to simply blog – whether I think I have something to say that anyone else would find interesting or not.  One of the aspects of blogging is that it is a kind of open diary – and diaries are about one’s thoughts and opinions as well as what it going on that needs to be worked-out.

In words.

Of course as a writer, I always am trying to work things out in words, so this should be a natural process.  Except I am not really all that different from other people and find it frightening to step into the ring with my fears – hah, I’m afraid of my fears – how is that for stating the obvious.

This is the time of the year when I go over my goals and intentions for the next year.  I start this early because it’s our anniversary and this is the 33rd.  This, though is the first time I have tried to cram such a (maybe overly) complicated process into the framework of a blog.  So here I go.  I am going to start off with some definitions…

Dreams are images of what we want - with no holds barred.  It does not matter how attainable dreams may be, it only matters that we dream.  When we decide to reach for a dream, we are setting a goal.

Goals help us achieve the life we want.  We have goals to acquire the things we want to possess.  We have goals to keep excitement in our lives.  We have goals to make out lives easier and better.  We have goals to give us more of our lives to enjoy.

Goals translate into direction.  Each stated and recorded goal sets a target and a timeframe.  Achieving a goal only requires persistence.  Achieving a goal on time requires persistent work.  We work with an eye on the clock as it counts down the time remaining.  We are flexible as to how we achieve a goal.  Life presents obstacles simply because other people exist in the world and their goals will rarely coincide with ours.

Obstacles do not stop the achievement of a goal, they are simply those people, events, obligations, etc. that stand in the way and must be removed, surmounted or circumvented.  In order to move past obstacles we need to determine the steps or objectives that describe the best plan of attack.

Objectives are like a set of lenses that help you focus upon an object and make it clearer.  Objectives have shorter specific targets within shorter time periods that enable us to overcome an obstacle, step by step. Achieving objectives requires researching obstacles to identify necessary tasks and resources required ‑ along with persistent regular effort and monitoring of progress to clarify what is left to do.

Tasks are the steps required to reach objectives.  Each task contributes to accomplishing the plan to reach a specific objective.  Tasks include the use of identified resources, time allotments, and deadlines.

Time is the pervasive and constant element in our lives.  Mastery of time is the key to success.  By planning enough time for our goals and our obligations, we can accomplish both.  We can manage out time better by created blocks of specific time for important activities, just like appointments and keeping a significant portion of time unallocated to handle non-goal oriented tasks that require our attention.

These are my definitions of the language of goal setting.

-Ben Firetag

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