Dec 7, 2015

Write 3,000 Words Today

During November, each year, a contest that can be a celebration is promoted and participated-in by thousands of aspiring writers across the world: NANOWRIMO – the National Novel Writing Month.  The intent of the participants (the rules of the game) is to produce 50,000 words in the month toward a novel.  Sound daunting?  It isn’t.  It works out to 1,667 words per day. 

Still sound daunting?  Do the math.  If you type 25 words per minute (pretty darn slow for most people – this is one-finger hunt and peck speed), and you spend an hour and a half (90 minutes), you’ll produce 2250 words – more than you need.  In fact you could do this in an hour and ten minutes.

If you spend two hours, you’ll produce 3000 words.  If you do this every day, seven days a week, every week of the year, you can produce over a million words (1,095,000 to be accurate).  If you spend as much time editing and rewriting as you do writing, that’s still enough for five 100,000 word books, or four such books and twenty short stories.  Keep that up and after a few years you’ll be in danger of becoming known as proliferate.

Of course there’ll be days when you do less.  And there will be days when you do more.  Thomas Wolfe (“Look Homeward, Angel”, “You Can’t Go Home Again”) was heard walking down the street one night in Ashville, North Carolina, saying, “I wrote 10,000 words today, I wrote 10,000 words today”.

I’m only aiming at 3,000 words.

-Ben Firetag

p.s. Yes, I know November was last month, I'm just ruminating over what I did and what it means and how it is something that can be done. I did it, and now I'm going to treat every month the same way.

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