May 8, 2011

State of the Poem

The Long Dark Night

We work and we play,
Live in the light,
Rest till
The next day dawns;
Repeating the pattern
Throughout our lives,
Hoping to make
The days better
And the nights easier,
Shouldering the weight
Of more awareness
As we grow older.
Carefree delight
Maturing into
Thoughtful deliberation
As we ponder
Our descent into
The long dark night.

May 4, 2011

State of the Poem


I have a right
To a piece
Of the promised land

To my own share
Of the unyielding sand
And the unending strife

To earn my daily bread
By the sweat of my brow
And the fear of history

To rise through righteous
Indignation over the claims
Of my fathers brothers

To number my seed
As the sand where
Our dignity has fallen

To our knees
By becoming what
We abhor

To slay peace
For a place to
Huddle in the sand

To lay claim to
A wasteland only to say
I have a right