Apr 24, 2011

State of the Poem


He's looking for a cartoon cause
Something trite he can be against
An enemy with vivid color
Handsomely ugly and deliciously evil

Daily episodes must carry a consistent story
With unending twists and feigned surprise
For us to wonder if the hero will ever survive
Each chapter ending with the worst left unanswered

In order to strike the public's eye
There must be a villainous blackard
Somewhere to grab headlines followed
By news of the hero saving the day

More important, it has to be an easy task
To vanquish a foe he can crush underfoot
Loud and whiney without actual cost
Real issues need not apply

Weekly though, the story takes on color
And a life of its own, telling us of the hero
Magnanimous in his reign and patriarchal
In his counsel with a promise of more to come

Then back to swordplay with fools disarmed
By the strong line of jaw and withering look
We see what he's against but will he ever
Take a stand, or at least say that he believes in us

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