Apr 17, 2011

State of the Poem


In the landscape
Of my dreams
Chained to the rock
Of my faith
The ocean crashes
At my feet
Waves that embody
All my fears
Threaten to engulf
My sanity

Across the sea
Of bodies
Heedless of
Their grasp
Sails a lonely
Lovely vision
Like a promise
Of salvation
Come to see me
At my prison

Caged by fear
Of my limits
Shackled by chains
Of my regret
I cry defiance
At the thought
Of inaction
Suppressing my art
Without a chance
To be read

A sinuous rope
Floats over the sea
Like a snake
From my reader
Seeking connection
To the thoughts
Surging through
My fragmented lines
Painting portraits of
My self-possession

But I am
My own jailor
Holding the keys
To the chains
With which I
Bind my mind
To the glue
Of despair
Holding back my
Pen of creation

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