Mar 20, 2011

State of the Poem

Shifting Sands

The endless shifting sands of time
Cover the life of man and earth.
Like dunes moving under the pressure of wind
Man scatters and comes together
Buried by necessity and strife.

Each man makes his own way from the desert
Into society to trade, to profess, to love.
Yet the journey returns inevitably to the vacant lands,
Waiting and expecting the earth to shake,
For waters to rise, for a new time to begin.

New lands rise, new rivers are born,
Great pillars of wisdom are set up and torn down.
No bridge ties life together except the passage
Of time and experience of failure and dashed hopes.

As currents change
And the endless sands continue to shift
Man lifts himself up
And walks from the grasp of time
Into eternity.

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