Mar 13, 2011

State of the Poem

A Visit to the Apothecary

What would we do if we could use
An apothecary instead
Of the modern-day descendant
A pharmacist who gets their due
To sell us drugs made by someone
Else and prescribed by someone else
Would we tell them what to sell us
After having diagnosed our
Own dis-ease like so many of
Us when we go to the doctor
Demanding a prescription for
The latest cure-all medicine
We see on TV every time
We looked up at the tube last night
Or would we ask in humble voice
For a simple opinion
Of the apothecary’s care
What do to or what we should take
To ease our pain and make us well
Then let them grind their powders rare
And give us bags and poultices
Or powders for our warmed-up teas
Go home to rest their cures to work
And rise up well and go our way
Would we find ourselves better for
Our lack of fear about our health
The chemistry that helped even
If it was all sugar or if
Just an aromatic for us
To breath in good thoughts about the
Apothecary’s skill and work

October 17, 2010

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