Feb 24, 2011

Thursday with a Good Book

Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a great little book that demonstrates how our world as it is can be as horrifying as anything Hollywood can produce.  King is a brilliant marketer too.  You can get this story in several forms; hardback, paperback, eBook, Kindle or audio. (Kindle is available on Amazon's device or on any computer or phone - I have it on my desktop and my Droid).

The main character is a nine-year-old girl, named Trisha, who gets lost while hiking with her mother and brother.  The mother's excuse is she's a little distracted by the fact that she just got divorced.  The brother's excuse is, well he's a brother, he doesn't pay any attention to his sister.  When the mother finally notices her daughter is missing, she appropriately freaks-out and gets the authorities involved.  But Trisha, busily listening to her favorite pitcher on the Red Sox, Tom Gordon, shut down the other team, has gone so far off the trail that she can't find her way back.

The bulk of the story is about how far Trisha goes, trying to get back to civilization before whatever it is that's following her catches up and creates an ending that nobody wants.

If you're trying to cure insomnia, this won't do it.  If you're trying to prove you can stay up all night - this is the ticket.  It's a can't put it down type of read.

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