Feb 17, 2011

Thursday with a Good Book

The Weight by Andrew Vachss introduces a new character, Sugar, that is somewhat reminiscent of the Parker character in the Donald Westlake novels.  Sugar is a professional thief and the emphasis is on professional.
"I'm a professional," he says, "not a punk with a pistol. You'll never see my picture on a security camera sticking up a bodega. Or jacking some guy in a suit while he's standing at an ATM."  This is a guy you wouldn't miss; he's big and has eyes that are different colors.  When a woman 'identifies' him as her rapist, he takes the charge for the simple reason that what he was doing at the time the rape was supposed to have occurred was robbing a jewelry store.  It's give up his cohorts or take the rape charge.  For him it's no decision, take the weight.

But that's not the end of the story.  Sugar does his time.  When he get's out, he goes to see the guy who planned the job, the guy who's holding his share.  But there's a catch.  It seems that one of the guys came from another planner and that planner has died.  Loose ends are something that can't be left lying around.  So Sugar is persuaded to go find the other guy and take care of things.  Although things are never what they seem.

This isn't Burke and the theme is not about the regular Vachss subject.  But it's a damn good book and like all of his books it's a quick read.

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