Feb 10, 2011

Thursday with a Good Book

Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling, is the latest installment in the Hainish or Ecumen Cycle  and is a prime example of this fabulous storyteller's art.  On the planet Aka, the current ruling society overly transformed the world with technology, and uses that to try to wipe out all remaining references to their once rich culture.  Sutty, an observer from Earth discovers that there are outcasts who live in the wilderness, off the grid and stick to the old ways to pass on their heritage and ancient religion.  Intrigued, Sutty joins a group of them on a pilgrimage into the mountains and discovers that her own beliefs are in danger of changing.

I have always loved Ms Le Guin's writing.  I remember reading the Hugo Award winning The Word for World is Forest, just before taking a trip through the rolling hills of Tenessee's Natchez Trace and being struck by the imagery I saw before me.  On every rise of the highway all I could see for miles was the forest.  It made me realized just how good she was at making the book seem so real.