Feb 27, 2011

State of the Poem

Crow Girl

Do you take your form
From the crow in your blood
From wings to fly in dreams
Or from your mother
Who bore you on her breast
Who would bear the weight
Of time through the eternity
Of journey from ancient
Days to here and now

Can you follow your heart
Through the rapids of love
Through the hazards of life
Or are you limited to the
Magic of shapes that shift
Magic that weeps for man
And the journey he mistakes
And the errors he makes
On the river of souls

Were you there to watch
The creation of the world
The experiment called man
Or did you miss that day
While raven conjured this world
While coyote stirred the pot
Did you see the future past
Did you feel our failures fall
In the short time we live

Have you shed your skin
Of feathers for one so bare
Of protection from the sky
Or can you count on strength
From something newer
From something else you see
Where we cannot see
Where we cannot believe
In the magic of you

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