Feb 13, 2011

State of the Poem

Training Wheels

He drives down the sidewalk,
Wobbling with confidence,
Frightened of the freedom
He so desperately desires.

Others have dared do this,
He knows he can too, but
The distance to the sidewalk
Seems so dangerously close.

They've given him a helmet,
Pads to protect in case of falls,
But nothing softens the staring
Whispers while he struggles.

The aluminum bars are shiny satin,
The grips are gray and firm,
A flag waves wildly above it all
To help make motorists see him.

Some watch with wonder,
Knowing one day they too
Will need to grip gray handlebars
And take that first big push.

Once we really learn to try
They say we won’t forget
But walking never seemed so hard
Till training wheels led the way.

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