Feb 12, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

The Joy Luck Club based on the novel by Amy Tan was wonderfully rendered on the big screen.  The daughter of a Chinese immigrant woman, upon the death of her mother, learns much her and about the other three women whose similar heritage bonded them for life.   Each has a daughter and each has had their difficulties, both in the old country and in America.  Each story is heart rending and brings a maturity and understanding to the daughters that they never had before.

I loved the cinematography and the blended time frames in each story as reflected in China with the mothers as young women struggling to survive unfair and very harsh circumstances, with the daughters in America dealing with what they saw as the unreasonable insistence on old ways and old values, and with the gradual understanding that their mothers really were special people overcoming extraordinarily hard circumstances to give their daughters a much better life.

How often do we hear about how a group of immigrants from somewhere that life is not as good as it is here in the United States, coming to our country and 'taking' our jobs?  This is really not the case at all.  Some of the people who come here are so used to a much more strenuous life, that when they simply apply themselves in our country they achieve relatively dramatic success - becoming business owners, property owners, etc.  All with the American dream of making life better for their children.  While people sit on their backsides and point at this hard work and say "unfair."

Well, here's to hard work and having it pay the dividends that make dreams come true.