Feb 5, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

Journey to the Center of the Earth, starring Brendan Fraser @sillybrendan, Josh Hutcherson @jhutch1992 as his nephew (The Kids are All Right, American Splendor, The Bridge to Tarabithia) and Anita Briem @Anita_Briem (The Tudors).  Fraser, playing a professor, goes for one last try at finding out where his father and brother disappeared.  They were following legends looking for a path to the center of the earth similarly to how Heinrich Schliemann searched for Troy. His sister-in-law reminds him he is supposed to babysit his teenaged nephew when the critical piece of evidence falls into place. To confirm this, he travels to Iceland, dragging his nephew along, to visit Professor Ásgeirsson only to find he is no longer alive. His daughter becomes their guide to an accidental discovery of the way down. What proceeds is an amazingly good set of visuals through H.G. Wells' adventure. Good family fun and a cute ending.