Feb 8, 2011


In the story of the world's lifeblood, our hero is a younger member of a race of beings called the Demiourgos, the initial Platonic artisan-like figures responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe.

However, the story starts before our hero is born.
1. The Beginning – Chaos and Time split which creates the material from which the stars and the planets can be made. The idea, the demiurge, attracts intelligence and that becomes the basis of the Demiourgos. They who are the craftsmen, the artists who seek to create beauty and so create a place to work called Earth. For this ability they are reviled by the other intelligences that come anyway to see what they have done.
2. Primordia – the initial ages of the Earth – and the Demiourgos, those whom we call demons and diplomats – conception of the idea of a garden.
3. Pr̫togenoi РProtagonos and the initial making upon nature of darkness and compulsion, day and night, the land, Gaia and with her created the mountains and islands, and Ouranos, and the two aspects of the air, then from them Tartaros. This is before the war.
4. Theogony – Gaia is not happy and has her son Ouranos torture his brothers and sisters for being lazy. Then she takes him as her husband and bares the Titans and their sisters, the Titanides, the Kyklopes and Hekatonkheires, the Furies and the Giants. Ouranos was not satisfied with his offspring and Gaia is still not happy.
5. Okeanos & Tethys – two of the Titans come together in harmony to control weather, Okeanos with the power of the oceans and Tethys to control the sky and rain.
6. The Planting – the Demiourgos make plant life and cover the world in a forest
7. The Flowering of Life – the making of flowers and insects
8. From the Depths to the Heights – the making of fish and birds
9. Rebellion – the children of Ouranos and Gaia try to overthrow their father
10. New Generations – the birth of Jupiter and his siblings
11. Castaway – the banishment of Ouranos into Chaos
12. The Rape of Ninlil - Gods of the Fertile Crescent 
13. Between the Rivers – the birth of Man

There will be installments about the Egyptian Gods, Persian Gods, Celts,  Hindi, Germans, etc. Then we will get to the discontent that breaks out into war between these pantheons leading the Demiourgos to create others of their own kind and begin educating them in the making.

Then we get to Cob.