Jan 3, 2011

Lifeblood: Where we've been so far

is divided into chapters and sections.  So far there are three sections:

~1~ In the Beginning: How Chaos threw off Time into the void but Time fought back against Chaos and caused the Universe to expand. Those who demonstrated that form could come from Chaos and Time were reviled, though the thing they made was like a magnet drawing the greed and desire of other beings, they were called demons for their efforts.

~2~ Primordia: Hunger drives everything in the Universe, babies, plants, animals, tyrants. But even with the destructive forces of nature, the makers strove to create a perfect world of balance and beauty.

~3~ Prôtogenoi: These are the first to call themselves gods, the first to create the ocean, the islands, the mountains and streams, the first to declare themselves masters of creation.