Jan 25, 2011

Where am I

Updates on my writing projects:

Deliberate Acts: Is there any such thing as a human character who is all bad yet believable?  Don't real people do things for a reason - even a very warped reason?  If two guys in America during the world war two era were German without either the interest or the incentive to act for the Nazis yet did horrible crimes, does that preclude their being human?  What if they have fond memories of their childhood?  What if they have a half-sister that they would do anything to protect?

Lifeblood: Theogony - Mother Nature is not happy - of course how would you feel if your spouse locked up your children?  Need to find a good title for the next installment where tensions get greater and she decides to act to protect her children.  More of my poetic novel done to the rhythm of an online dark comic.

Keepers of the Dead: I think this has been floundering because I don't have the roles fleshed out for anything other than the heroines and their mentors/companions.  Don't really know the bad guy well enough (though I do know who he is), nor do I have a contagonist, a shapeshifter (as in the archtypical role - I do have shapeshifters, but I need to decide which is the one who has shifting loayalties), the trickster, the threshold guardians, etc.

Staying Alive:  Names for my cavemen - Og, Mog, and Plant?  These geniuses need to be believable as the merry band of batchelors who try to make good in spite of all odds (and yes they're odd themselves).  Actually I will probably write this three times before choosing the final draft.