Jan 19, 2011

Wednesday on the Web

I am learning more about using the web to communicate every day.  I participate in a private poetry forum (Dreamland), I'm writing this blog, I have twitter and facebook accounts, though I'm still trying to understand how to use them, and I have found some wonderful resources on the web that are interesting, helpful and easy to follow.

One I am getting a kick out of is The Poets Daily put out by Bradley Howington up in Indiana.  Now, I think I am supposed to format that preceeding sentence somehow to do a better job of giving him credit, but I haven't figured that out yet.  So I have old-fashioned HTML links to his daily and his twitter page.  Hope it helps him somehow, but in the meantime I am going to continue to read what he produces.

I've also found out I can follow some of my favorite writers like: @AndrewVachss (see I am trying to make this both twitter friendly and browser friendly), @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman), @joelansdale, @MargaretAtwood, @cdelint (Charles de Lint) and many more.

There is a problem though, there are only so many hours in the day and I have daily obligations that fall outside the realm of reading all there is to know about all that I want to know.  So I limit my hours online as I type away at my book projects.  But there are also books to read, new books, old books, absolute must reads and my favorite writers just keep producing more of them.  Guess I better get off the web so I can read some more.