Jan 20, 2011

Thursday With a Good Book

Joe R Lansdale's (@joelansdale on twitter) The Bottoms is a must read.  He puts right there in East Texas during the depression in an area that hardly noticed any difference.  The characters are believable, the time and place are believable and the events are scary believable.

The story is told from the viewpoint of an 80 something old man harkening back to when he was just a boy doing what boys do when they're growing up on a small farm in a small community.  He has a younger sister and his mother is considered the most beautiful woman in the county.  His father wears three hats; as a farmer, a man who runs a barbershop and the constable.  There are people from different races, there are people in the Klan, there are some just common sense folk and there is a mystery man that some folks think is just a myth.  Then there is a killer, some think he is the mystery man, some call him a travelin' man and the constable is suspicious that he's right there among them all.

This was a joy to read, keeping me on the edge of my seat and wishing for more when I finished.