Jan 13, 2011

Thursday With a Good Book

Sometimes you find an author that sells well but just isn't your cup of tea, or so you think. That lasts until you pick up a title that seems to go against what you thought of as their defined realm. Maybe it's because the title is different, or the cover art is different, but something makes you read the the dust jacket material even though you're saying to yourself, "This is someone I don't read because I'm just not into what they write, why am I looking at this?" But the teaser is interesting enough to make you want to read the opening, and that makes you decide to buy the book.

Sandra Brown fits that description for me; I'm just not a fan of her romances or her thrillers usually, but she has managed to hit the best seller list with quite a few titles. So when I saw her novel, Rainwater, I was intrigued by the title and the cover art, which shows a 32 coupe trailing dust, driving up to a house in a very flat landscape. But the story is the best part. It starts off with "By any chance is your pocket watch for sale?" A question from a young woman who, with her husband, has stopped at an antique store. The man with the pocket watch won't sell it and there is a reason that it represents something special. The story he tells takes place during the depression in Texas.

This book is worthy of any reading list. If you'd like to look at Ms. Brown's website, you can find it at: http://www.sandrabrown.net