Jan 6, 2011

Thursday with a Good Book

I am a fan of Richard Stark, Donald E Westlake's pseudonym for the Parker novels.  Parker is a professional thief.  Backflash is just as good as the others I've read.  Action starts on page one with a car crash that Parker survives but his driver is 'clamped' in his seat by the dashboard and the door.  Parker knows that leaving him alive is a loose end, but he takes his word that he won't talk. He hears the guy was dead at the scene.  Then he gets a call on his home phone, the one number he never gives to anyone.  It's a guy who wants him to do a job.  A job that he was going to have the dead man do once he finished Parker's job.  Parker doesn't want anything to do with it.  But he has to find out who this guy is and why he had his number.  And the job turns out to be too good to ignore.