Jan 23, 2011

State of the Poem


The capricious muse
Flits in and out of
My unsuspecting
Mind suddenly when
Ways to record her
Barely heard whispers
Elude me like the
Wind blown art fleeing
From my thoughts into
Fog that lifts only
To reveal a blank
Space in memory

Oh to bind her with
Chains in my closet
So I can go to
Her and demand each
Line that echoes the
Perfect phrasing to
Deliver my art
To paper and tears
That will move my dear
Readers to feel the
Emotion and depth
Of my inner thoughts

But try as I might
She slips through my mind
Like a teasing fly
Always just out of
Sight with a flick
Of her wings and a
Buzz over my thoughts
Making me look for
Her vaporous words
Hoping they will hang
In the air behind
As she leaves me blind

Oh capricious muse
Come back to me here
Give me a taste of
Your sweet vapor's air
Hold my hand steady
While I write of your
Beauty and wisdom
Or at least of your
Fair and wondrous eyes
That see visions of
Tears and laughter and
Tell tales in my ears