Jan 9, 2011

State of the Poem

Considering the snow storm that is affecting so many...

Winter of Discomfit

I hate Winter
With its sniffily cold
And feverish confinement
I ache for warmer,
Sunnier times
When life glows
And bones stop hurting.

I hate Winter
When every trip
Is in the cold
And visits
To the mailbox
Require warmer clothes
And Roller Derby skills.

I hate Winter
With no birds
To sit in
Bare trees,
Letting bleak light
Filter through
To dirty, dead ground.

I hate Winter
When illness visits
Its demands
And burdens
Like a relative
With no plans
To leave.

I hate Winter
With its interruption
Of my life,
my hopes,
The long dark nights,
And did I mention,
I hate Winter.