Jan 15, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

The King's Speech

When I first heard of this movie, based simply on the title, I thought; not interested.

Then I saw advertisements on TV for the movie and because I like Geoffry Rush and Helena Bonham Carter and I think Colin Firth is a decent actor, so we decided to go see it at the local art theater.

I was highly entertained.  Geoffry Rush is his inimitable self, an actor who can make anyone believable with no more than a mere glance, who in this film takes a no-nonsense approach to helping the man who would become king.  Helena Bonham Carter brought off grace, style and familiarity with wit as the prince's wife who will let nothing stand in the way of helping her husband.  And Colin Firth did an award winning type of performance as the stuttering prince who becomes king and leads his people through their hardest days, learning to pace himself and give speeches over the radio to reach out to his subjects throughout the world.

There is a priceless scene where Firth and Rush are arguing and Firth starts cussing - it's hilarious.

If you haven't seen this yet, go out and get tickets for the next showing of The King's Speech, you'll be happy you did.