Jan 24, 2011

Potholes in the Road to Story

How many ways can I get diverted off the route to a completed writing project? Let me count the ways:
  1. The book I am reading suddenly gets so engrossing I can't put it down - this is writing research, right?  If I could just figure out how this author does it, I could use that in my own book.  Somehow this research never ends till the end of the book.
  2. The dishes, laundry, fix-it list, etc. is staring me in the face and if I don't do something about them it will just get worse.
  3. Need to watch that show/movie - more research.
  4. Need to feed/pet the cats/dogs.
  5. Need to read that online article about a writing issue - more research.
  6. Gotta fix dinner/lunch/breakfast.
  7. Real research - read that article about the same subject as my book.
  8. Have to prep for that interview - it could lead to income that we sorely need.
  9. Get that book from the library written in the same genre that I'm writing - need this research, though is sure is a good book, can't put it down, what do you mean it's 2:00 in the morning, ah well who needs sleep?
It is so easy to run into the potholes along the road.  In order to miss them I need to keep my eyes on the road to completing my writing projects.