Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I started a new novel during nanowrimo that I thought was going to be mainstream and it's turning out to be a thriller.  Deliberate Acts takes place in and just after World War II and involves a Navy War Dog Handler, the Japanese Internment Camps and Two German Spies who take advantage of the time and the unfortunate victims of public hysteria at that time.

I'm also working on a non-fiction book, whose working title is Staying Alive, about business continuity and disaster recovery.  Lots of companies have written a document titled "Disaster Planning" to put in place procedures to 'prevent' a disaster from occurring.  This is a good thing; pay attention to what you are doing and you will keep most small disasters from becoming big costly disasters.  But it does not address the real disaster, the one you cannot anticipate.  What do you do on the day after the disaster?  You want to be able to stay in business, serve your customers, take care of your employees and keep going.

And I'm working on a fantasy novel called - a fantasy about misunderstood artisans who shape life out of chaos and just want to be loved.

I'm afraid that I've already gotten off-schedule with due to the time it took to create my own
drop-caps as images. I have them now and the entries should have a consistent look both in the top of each entry and in the navigation buttons at the bottom. I am going to try a redirection script so that my 'latest' button will always take you to the last entry. I will also be playing around with the Copy function to see if I can get the poems posted everywhere they're supposed to be hiding.

-Ben Firetag