Jan 12, 2011

Here we go a Noveling

I think I finally figured out why New England writers are so prolific.  There's not much else to do when you're snowed-in.

Well, I'm not in New England (lot's of nice people, but it's so cold there I don't understand why they stay), but I do feel 'snowed-in', which I guess is better than just being snowed.  I grew up in Los Angeles where snow is something you see in the far distance on top of the moutains.  You like snow, no problem, drive up to Big Bear, play till your heart's content, then come back home to the nice, dry, smog filled, diesel fragrant air of the big city, fight your way through the traffic and rinse it all off at the beach.  OK, I remember why I left L.A., too many people, too little elbow room.

So a bit of catch-up on the writing projects:

Deliberate Acts - Act 1 outline completed - I've added several chapters that I have to flesh-out (love that phrase for writing, it reminds me that I have to make the people real)

Keepers of the Dead - this one is a trick and a half - I've always contended that men don't do women characters well and here I am working with four women in the forefront of the story - they're the heroines and I find it easy to get sucked into concentrating on the two characters descended from the Manx. 

Lifeblood - I've added a new chapter: Theogony.  If you're a poet or writer and want to read along about this, you need to get an account at Yuku and sign-up for membership at Dreamland.

Staying Alive - The cavemen are working out how to survive after the first big disaster flooded their little valley.

More to come...