Jan 21, 2011

Friday Free for All

Free stuff:

from: All Freelance Writing
This was posted back in 2009, but the site is still operational, the info is interesting and they have a little list of giveaways including:
  • Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator
  • Freelance Project Hourly Rate Calculator
  • Word Count Tracker (Simple Version)
  • Word Count Tracker (Advanced Version)
  • Keyword Density Analyzer
  • One Page Marketing Plan Template
  • One Page Business Plan Template
  • How to Write an E-book in Just 14 Days -- Free E-book
Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.


The King of Lies by John Hart - his first novel is gritty and concerns a disillusioned lawyer, his malcontent sister, his society wife, his emotionally scarred love of the woman he should have married and the discovery of the body of his missing father.  Gripping tale of a man coming of age in his 30's while trying to keep himself and his sister out of jail for the murder of their father.  (The link this time takes you to the author's own website, I've been using links that point to places you could buy the book, but I'm not associated with any of them and I don't want to make people think I'm sponsering any place in particular - you can go to the library, get it at your local independent bookseller, go to the mall and get it from the behemoth books-as-commodity store or order it online from your internet site of choice - oh, yeah, I promised not to rant).


Another book; Writing for Story by Jon Franklin.  If you haven't read this book by a multiple Pulitzer Prize winner, you're missing one of the good ones.  Franklin makes a good case for simple story structure and then gives you his prize winning stories to check out how it has been successfully done.  Read it, write your story, win your prize and remember us little guys.