Jan 26, 2011

Blog Twit

So the more I do this, the more I realize I don't know how to do this.  I have been trying to get my blog to release posts based on a schedule, which apparently is up to my blog to decide, or so it seems.  I keep finding that blog posts I have created do not go out when I thought they did.  Lots of reasons for this; I write and save and schedule for posting, yet it seems I still have to push the button.

I also am a software developer so it tends to get more frustrating while I am tempted to write a program that will do what I want, the way I want.  Though that would take too much time.  I remember a project that I was invited to do by a hardware company that did not want to write the software because the budget was too small for them to consider, but the money sounded good to me.  The hardware salesman introduced me to the client and told them that they had bought a computer with no software on it and that after the machinery was delivered then I would start to write the program for them.  They told the client that software was not magic, it was something that had to be created and took time.  They asked the client if they understood and the client said yes.  On the day the computer was delivered, the client walked over to the machine as the console keyboard and monitor were unwrapped and asked "Where's that magic key I hit to get my report this afternoon?"

OK, I'm looking for that magic blogging key now.